Treating Acne for Oily Skin

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What Home Remedies Can Help with Your Acne?

Having oily skin can be beneficial because it ages slower and holds up better against the elements. However, there is one major downside to oily skin that people who have it are keenly aware of. The downside in question is being more susceptible to acne breakouts.

If you’ve struggled with acne breakouts due to your oily skin, there are home remedies you can use to remedy that issue.

You want to start by using the right products.

Add gentle facial cleansers to your shopping list. Avoid alcohol and oil-based cleansers because they will irritate your skin. Once you have the right cleanser, use it to wash your face sometime in the morning and later at night. Washing twice a day should be enough to keep your skin clear.

Using a moisturizer is also recommended if you have oily skin. Similar to cleansers, you want to avoid alcohol and oil-based moisturizers. Moisturizers should also be applied twice a day.

Stick to the recommended washing and moisturizing intervals when using products to counter your acne. Wash more frequently than twice daily, and you may end up harming your skin. Your face may appear shinier due to the abundance of oil produced by excessive washing.

You should also avoid touching your face. The dirt and oil on your fingers will end up on your face if you touch it too often. Drop that habit to keep your oily skin as clear as possible.

Are the home remedies mentioned above not producing your desired results? If so, you should speak to a dermatologist.

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What Can a Dermatologist Do for Your Acne?

Dermatologists can use different forms of treatment to address acne.

First off, our dermatologist may recommend medication containing benzoyl peroxide or a retinoid. Those forms of medication can work on mild to moderate cases of acne.

The dermatologist may opt for antibiotics and other prescription medication if your specific case of acne is causing scarring. When dealing with especially severe cases of acne, a dermatologist may also use corticosteroids. The corticosteroid will be injected into your body to stop the acne breakout in its tracks.

Some dermatologists may also use chemical peels and lasers to manage bad acne breakouts.

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