Acne Treatment Options
March 09, 2020
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Dermatologists at Westgate Dermatology and Laser Center, located in Kernersville, Thomasville and Winston Salem, NC, understands what it means to have acne. About 5% of adults and 80% of adolescents suffer from acne, which can cripple an individual's confidence.

More About Acne

Secretions from the sebaceous glands provide much needed skin moisture it needs. Naturally, sebum, the oily secretion from the sebaceous glands, moves from the root of the hair follicle to the top. Sebum doesn't reach the surface of skin and creates a blockage consisting of sebum and dead cells when people suffer from acne.

Whiteheads are formed when the opening of the hair follicle is completely blocked. Blackheads, on the other hand, are formed when the hair follicle's pore is still open. The inflammation of whiteheads and blackheads can produce red pustules that, when inflamed, lead to the scarring of the skin.

Acne Treatment Options

Modern-day dermatology aids in acne treatment. Your Kernersville, Thomasville and Winston Salem dermatologist can provide you with some techniques to help treat your problems:

  • Mild acne requires Benzoyl Peroxide to reduce blockage of skin pores.
  • Antibiotics, both oral and topical, may be important to prevent hair follicle infections.
  • Tretinoin, a source of Vitamin A, helps exfoliate blocked pores.
  • Whiteheads and blackheads are manually removed using metal instruments.

Acne Scars

It's difficult to keep your skin healthy, even if you wash every day. You may still develop acne and acne scars. Modern technology has several techniques to help reduce or eliminate those scars.

Here are some procedures your dermatologist provides:

  • Microneedling
  • Chemical peels
  • Laser Skin Treatment

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